Find The Best Family Law Attorney in Texas

Are you looking for a family lawyer? How do you know where to begin? How do you find the best family law attorney? And how do you know they meet your needs?

That’s the question we are going to answer in this article. 

In today’s article, we will focus on the state of Texas. So if you need a family law attorney and you live in Texas this article is for you.

Let’s dive in to figure out what characteristics justify a family law attorney and how you can find one that can help you get results.

What is Family Law?

In short, a family law attorney practices law that specifically helps clients in family-related issues that require the use of the family court system. Every state has it’s only laws and practices for family law. 

Texas is no different, there are specific laws that need to be followed when matters of divorce, child custody, child support, and other family-related issues arise. 

Examples could range from adjustments in child-support, filing new custody orders and filing for divorce, and the proceedings that follow. Let’s look a little deeper into what a family lawyer does so you know how to find the best family law attorney.  

What Does a Family Lawyer Do?

There are several areas of family law. Some lawyers specialize in generic cases and dabble in all categories that touch on family-related issues; and some focus on specific areas like divorce or domestic violence-related cases. Here are some of the main areas a family law attorney can practice in. 

  1. Representing clients in divorce and specific issues related to divorce.
  2. Represent clients that need help with adoption.
  3. Represents or defend clients in juvenile delinquency and dependency proceedings.
  4. Represent a client in acquiring child-support (child-support enforcement) or an adjustment of a current support order.
  5. Represent a client in a child custody dispute whether through a divorce or domestic partner situation. This includes adjustments in visitation or full custody hearings.  
  6. They can handle marital disputes, such as prenuptial and postnuptial agreements.
  7. Represent clients in handling alimony cases
  8. Assist with mediation (voluntary meetings between both parties to discuss settlement options). 
  9. Handles child support proceedings (different than enforcement or adjustment).

As you can see from the above list, a family lawyer’s expertise shouldn’t be undervalued. They help keep a sense of clarity during difficult family matters where emotions can run high and cloud the judgment of those involved. 

Let’s move on to see exactly how to find the best family law attorney for you, by focusing on what makes a good family law attorney.

What Makes a Good Family Law Attorney?

In your search, there are specific characteristics that will need to be clear indicators that the family law firm you use for your case has your best interest at heart. Sadly, too many clients who need useful help don’t receive it. 

In order for you to avoid these pitfalls, you need to have a list of must-haves when looking for a family law attorney. So you don’t get stuck with an attorney that doesn’t have the requirements you need to get results. 

  • Integrity –

This is the first quality your family lawyer should possess. What do we mean by integrity? Simply put, they should be honest with you and their clients. 

They should tell you the truth about what is strong about your case and what is weak. You need to see if they are only going to cheer you on or if they will move your case forward on real facts and truths. 

Unfortunately, some lawyers will tell you what you want here so you retain them. And you need to sift these types out with tailored questions and get factual answers on how they will get results. 

  • Diligence –

This is determined by if they are the ones that speak with you, or are you always talking to the secretary. Good lawyers meet with their clients, they talk on the phone when you have questions and never pawn you off to someone else.

Does the lawyer answer your questions or go right to how much you need to pay?

Do they go over the facts about your case and answer the hard questions you need answers too?

Usually, you can tell how diligent a lawyer will be about your case early in your meeting. Try not to ignore the signals you feel. 

  • Communication –

Great communication skills go hand in hand with results. If you are always talking to the paralegal when you call it’s a bad sign. Legal advice needs to come from your lawyer, not anyone else. 

When meeting with them for your consultation how do they represent themselves?

Do they look you in the eyes when they talk to you?

Do they communicate clearly in a way that you can understand?

And, do they seem rushed? Do ‘you’ feel rushed? 

This is a clear indicator of how your long-term relationship with them will feel like and transform into. 

Pay attention. You are important and so is your situation, it needs to be handled that way at all times. 

  • How experienced is your lawyer? – When you are on your journey of finding the best family law attorney, you must assess their experience relevant to your case and in addition how they handle themselves in court. 

What is their reputation?

Have you read what other clients say about them? 

What are there case results for your specific situation? 

Are you able to see them in action? How do they feel about you seeing them in court?

It seems like a lot to go through and you’re right. But your decision to retain them is one the most important decision you will have to make and you want to be sure.

And the only way to do that is to dig in with questions and factual proof.

A good family law attorney will appreciate your tenacity and not be threatened by your conviction. 

Illaraza Law: The Right Choice

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In Conclusion

Today you have learned how to find the best law attorney in Texas. You have learned how to spot them clearly and with precision. Needing a family lawyer can be scary, but with Illaraza, it doesn’t need to be. Call them today, find the right family law firm on your first try.