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In Texas, it’s not uncommon for one parent to have primary custody of a child while the other is responsible for making child support payments. The purpose of these payments is to provide the child or children with the same quality of life they would have experienced if their parents were living together. Child support awards and agreements are part of divorce proceedings but may also occur in child custody situations where the parents were never married.

How to Ask for Child Support Modifications

A child support order is based on the circumstances of the parents during the time of the proceedings, as well as any foreseeable needs of the child or children. However, in some situations, life changes for either parent or changes regarding the child’s needs may require child support modification in order to account for these changes.

Understanding How a Support Order is Modified

In many cases, the need to modify child support orders is clear. However, the modification process isn’t always easy. Occasionally, a judge will approve child support modifications when both parents agree. Other times, a more formal court proceeding is needed. We help parents with modifications of child custody, and we can help modify child support. When parents don’t agree then we’ll represent you in court.

Modifying Child Support and Child Custody in Texas

Typically, the need to change a support order is based on the change of life circumstances for one or more of the child’s parents or a substantial change in circumstances for the child themselves. Here are some of the more common reasons why parents seek to have the child support amount of support increased or reduced in their child support modification request:

  1. Promotion or increased income
  2. Job loss, layoff, or a reduction in gross income
  3. Other employment changes of either parent
  4. Inheritance
  5. A parent going to jail or prison
  6. Disability of a parent
  7. Marriage
  8. A need to support other minor children
  9. New educational expenses
  10. Additional expenses for activities such as sports
  11. A change to the child custody agreement
  12. Physical or developmental disabilities of the child

You Don’t Have to Solve This on Your Own – Get a Lawyer’s Help

Whatever your reason for your request, when it comes to the modification of child support, you’ll want to hire a child support modification attorney. Here at Ilarraza Law, we will review your case while providing legal advice for child support modification and child support enforcement. We provide legal counsel that has your child’s best interests at heart, as well as yours.

Our Trusted Texas Family Law Attorneys

It’s virtually impossible to plan for everything. This is why support modifications are necessary as life continues to change. And, while financial problems or the changing needs of your children may change your circumstances, you still must continue to pay child support at the current level until the court modifies your order.

Occasionally, parents feel as though they can decide on their own to either decrease or stop their child support payment. If you don’t pay your current child support, then there are consequences. Failing to follow your child support order can lead to fines or even imprisonment. Ilarraza Law can help you petition expeditiously for Texas child support modification to avoid undue hardship.

Even in cases of drastic and obvious change such as being arrested and jailed, you cannot stop making child support payments without the permission of a judge. While you’re in jail, those payments will continue to accrue, and you may never be able to have the debt discharged. If you fear that you’re unable to make your payments for any reason, then call Ilarraza Law to speak with a qualified lawyer today.

Enforcing Child Support Agreements

Likewise, if your ex-spouse is behind on their support payments, you will likely need assistance to collect the money that rightfully belongs to your child. We also guide parents through the process of enforcing a child support order.

The Right Attorney for all Your Child Custody and Support Needs

Here at Ilarraza Law, we’re ready to support you in any way that we can. This could mean modifying child support, helping you understand the child support guidelines, performing a child support review, and modifying your support order. Your child support obligation should be fair and reasonable to help care for your child or children. In addition to child support cases, we can also assist with a modification of child custody or visitation. Our family law attorneys are here to help protect your rights and the rights of your child. We have the experience and education to help you through this family change. We help custodial parents and non-custodial parents alike. No matter if you’re just beginning your petition for divorce or if you’ve had long-standing support orders, we’re here for you.


Call Ilarraza Law today at 214-646-3253 or reach us online for a consultation regarding your child custody or child support case or if you’re looking to increase or decrease your current child support payment amount.

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