What is a Family Law Attorney?

There are different types of attorneys to help people with a variety of problems. When you think you need the help of an attorney, it’s important to know if you’re choosing the right one. In the area of family law, there are several different issues that family law attorneys can help with. If you are not sure what a family law attorney can do for you, let’s take a look so that you can get the assistance you need with your legal matters.


Divorce is one of the many areas that a family law attorney can help. It’s beneficial to have a non-partial party involved in your divorce proceedings. Many times, a family law attorney can help with mediation and help you to avoid going to court at all. A family law attorney will make sure your best interests are represented so that you get the best possible outcome out of your divorce.

Child Support

Many people who need a family law attorney for divorce find that they also need help with child support. A family law attorney can navigate the waters whether you’re the one paying it or receiving it.

A family law attorney can help to explain your financial obligation if you’re the one paying and make sure that you get what you deserve if you are the one receiving it. Having a family law lawyer on your side can be the difference between having enough child support for your child and struggling to survive.


Alimony can be another touchy subject that a family law attorney can deal with for you. Payments are decided as part of a divorce. One spouse pays the other spouse an amount that helps them live as comfortably as they did when they were married.

A family law attorney can make sure recipients get enough to maintain a certain standard of living. They can also make sure one spouse is not overpaying. Many people seek the help of family law attorney when it comes to alimony because it can become a sticking point during a divorce.

Child Custody and Visitation

Child custody and visitation are other areas where a family law attorney can help. They can make sure parents put the children first and find a schedule that works for everyone.


Some people may not realize that a family law attorney can also help with adoption. Many legal steps need to be taken for an adoption to be finalized. Without the help of a family law attorney, many adoptions may not happen.

If you are considering adoption, it’s important to know about the different types of adoption where a family law attorney can help.

  • Foster Care Adoption
    Children can be placed in the foster care system for a variety of reasons. Foster parents or adoptive parents may adopt children who are in foster care.
  • Domestic Infant Adoption
    The birth mother selects the adoptive parents where her child will be placed.
  • International Adoption

International adoption can be the most complex because it involves the laws of other countries. There are many children left in orphanages oversees that are available for adoption.

Adoptions can be open or closed. Open adoption allows you to stay in contact with the birth mother. If you opt for a close adoption, any contact with the birth family ends when the adoption is final.

Attempting an adoption without the help of a family law attorney can be nearly impossible. That’s why it’s important to know what type of adoption you’re looking for so that you can find a lawyer who can make the process a smoother one.

Pre and Postnuptial Agreements

A family law lawyercan also help with pre and postnuptial agreements. These documents are drafted to protect people’s assets when they are married. Prenuptial agreements are done before the wedding and postnuptial agreements are drafted when the wedding is over.

These types of documents can help people in a variety of ways. These include, but are not limited to:

  • How assets will be divided if there is a divorce
  • How finances and assets will be handled during the marriage
  • Spousal support
  • Business ownership issues
  • Future of your estate if you or your spouse dies
  • How gifts, trusts, and inheritances will be handled
  • Benefits, disability, and insurance coverage

These types of agreements are often made when there are children from other marriages or relationships. They can assure that the children get what they deserve and that the non-biological spouse doesn’t try to take over.

Besides protecting inheritances for children, pre and postnuptial agreements can also protect against debt. If you know you are marrying someone with a great amount of debt, you want legal protection that you won’t be liable for it if something should happen to them.

Not everyone likes to talk about these issues when they’re getting married or once they’ve been married for some time. But, they are important legal documents that could make matters easier should something happen to either spouse. Without legal documents, property and assets may end up in probate court which can take time to sort out. Many times the outcome of these situations is not what anyone intended.

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