7 Ways to Prepare (At-Home) for Divorce During a Pandemic

Divorce is a difficult time for any couple, but trying to accomplish a massive task to divorce during a pandemic can be almost too much to bear. With your daily routines interrupted, careers and incomes dwindling, investments fluctuating and real estate ventures in an unrelenting tug of war between growth and deteriorating uncertainty; it can seem like an impossible task to move ahead once you’ve made your decision to move towards divorce. 

How do you bring yourself to follow through with divorce when there is so much uncertainty about your future? 

This can be accomplished with some creativity by finding ways to adapt to what is now your new normal. Fortunately, court systems are adapting. And offering new ways to file for divorce during a pandemic, giving you options for filing, dealing with court-ordered mediations. Virtual mediations are just one-way adjustments are being handled. 

In this article we’re going to give you 7 ways to prepare for divorce during a pandemic. Hopefully this will help you begin organizing the important documents and planning for your divorce and the steps you must take for your foreseeable future. 

Take a Moment To Gather Your Thoughts

Even though this is an emotional and trying time for you, it’s important to focus on what you can control. It’s important you research the options you have for a divorce during a pandemic. Begin by interviewing lawyers, and assembling the team you will need to get you through this trying time. 

You want to create a spreadsheet or document to organize your financial budget and information. Set up a plan for your living costs and possible arrangements. If possible speak with your spouse about parenting steps and possible plans if you have children that are involved. 

The sequential list below breaks things down in order to ease some of your frustration during this time. 

Do Research on Your Options for Divorce During a Pandemic

The process you go through will inherently depend on the complexity of your divorce and things that may be involved. Depending on how well you and your spouse can communicate plays a vital role in this step. 

  • Can you both agree to a settlement on your own and file your documents separately? This only works in very simple scenarios. 
  • Mediation can also be a great way to handle things; this is when a third party helps you and you spouse come to a settlement. This often can be done without having to retain an attorney. However, both parties must be willing and able to agree and communicate in amicably.

Assemble Your Legal Team

In most cases, both parties will employ an experienced family law attorney and other legal counsel. This is a very important step. You want to spend a good amount of your time making sure you are comfortable with the attorney. You want to understand there approach to divorce and that it matches your goals and what you expect to happen once your divorce is final.  

Make Sure You Gather Your Financial Information

You want to organize all of your financial information. This includes liabilities, assets, pay stubs, tax documents, banking statements, investment accounts, and all retirement accounts. Because you are getting a divorce during a pandemic most of these statements will be gathered from online sources, and shared with the powers that be through secure networks online. 

This may mean you need to include financial representation as well—if you have several assets together and want to make all your financials are protected, this can a decision many legal professionals who handle divorce highly recommend. 

Put Together Your Budget

This is essential. You’ll want to make sure you’re clear on all of your expenses. Think about how much you need to handle living expenses, lawyer fees, and more. The advantage of being home is you have the time to comb through your bank statements, credit card bills, and other transactions to understand what your budget is. You don’t have to find the time between a busy work schedule and other daily tasks that suck your attention away from this important task. One more important reason for creating a budget is to be able to decide what you can afford for child support or other monthly payments you may be responsible for after the divorce. 

Create Plan For Your Living Situation

It’s hard to think about, but your living quarters might change. Prepare yourself for that. Knowing what options you have can help alleviate some of the concerns about where you and your children may live if you retain custody. 

Visitation And Co-Parenting

Having this conversation may be difficult and even in the most agreeable circumstances can be difficult, but since your both home and getting a divorce during a pandemic you have to ability to try and discuss co-parenting. Because the pandemic talking about travel and visitation is vital but only if it can be done with calm conversation. 

If you are not living in the same household virtual conversations can take place, which can make things a bit easier during such a difficult conversation. 

Organize Your Health and Insurance Documents 

This is often overlooked but is also important. You want to have this information organized so you understand how your health needs will be handled if you were on your spouse’s insurance. You may need to set up your own plan, and possibly a plan for your children also. Being organized will keep things moving along. 

Finding Representation for Divorce During a Pandemic

Dealing with a divorce during a pandemic is hard to imagine, but if that is the decision you have made, having these 7 steps to follow is going to help you move forward. Making sure you have all of your documents in order will offer peace of mind. Illaraza Law is the other piece of the puzzle. 

If you don’t know where to start with finding a family law attorney Illaraza Law is a great place to begin. Known in Flower Mound as the full-service family law firm, we help you get through this trying time will grace and compassion. Any questions you may have about divorce, child support, spousal support, the distribution of assets, and more can be answered. 

Call them at (214) 646-3253 their friendly service is second to none and they will take the stress of divorce away from you, so you can focus on other important aspects of your life. Trust the divorce lawyers servicing Flower Mound; Lewisville; and McKinney, TX, and move forward with your divorce during a pandemic seamlessly. 

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